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Dr Stan Litras

BDS (Otago), BSc (VUW), General Dentist

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Dr Stan Litras is a male General Dentist who speaks Greek (as well as English).

I grew up in Wellington, and have lived here most of my life, apart from studying in Dunedin and practising as a dentist in London for 4 years.

I have seen my city develop from a quiet, windy town of milk bars, beer barns, trams, and rugby at Athletic Park, to a sophisticated, multicultural, world class cool harbour capital with top quality restaurants, bars and culture, an excellent climate, a caketin and a safe and happy environment.

And I’ve seen my fellow Wellingtonians’ attitudes to their oral health change from pulling teeth out at the drop of a hat and getting full dentures by the age of 40, to caring about looking after their natural teeth for life.

The days of mouths full of huge mercury fillings, gappy teeth and plastic dentures have given way to a preventive philosophy, computer designed, milled porcelain restorations and dental implants.

It’s been my great pleasure to help support attitude change and bring the best of modern dentistry to many thousands of Wellingtonians. I see the provision of unbiased information and advice, the education and empowering of people to make informed decisions about their health, as amongst the most important parts of my job. In my experience, patients want to be active participants in their health outcomes and the strong partnerships I have forged with patients have been the key to my running a successful practice in Wellington for over 25 years.