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Great Teeth Dental Care is a Dentist in Wellington, with dentists including Dr Stan Litras.

Level 10, Prime Property Tower
86-90 Lambton Quay

Wellington 6011

(04) 499-3761

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To make an appointment at Great Teeth Dental Care, please call (04) 499-3761

About Great Teeth Dental Care

At Great Teeth Dental Care, we make getting people out of pain and managing dental emergencies as soon as possible a top priority.

Almost every day our practice has phone calls from people who have either severe toothache, split a tooth or filling, has infection and swelling, or even want their teeth looking good in a hurry for a special occasion like an important job interview or meeting, or a social event.

In a busy, appointment based practice, scheduling an emergency patient can be a challenge, but our systems allow us the flexibility to cater for patients that need to be seen urgently, prioritising people who are in acute pain (who we generally can see within half an hour), people with infections, and people with acute cosmetic issues.

The fact that we have decades of experience in managing and treating dental emergencies, and modern high technology treatment specific equipment, makes treatment simple, efficient comfortable, and fast.

We have well established finely honed systems, so that from the minute you talk to one of our experienced and professional staff they can assess your level of urgency and prioritize your appointment, sometimes with direct consultation with the dentist, and offer advice over the phone if you’re not sure how urgently you will need to be seen.

As a guide to our required treatment times we require for some URGENT TREATMENTS:

TOOTHACHE: it usually takes us about half an hour after diagnosis to get a patient out of pain

BROKEN TOOTH: when a crown is required, this can be made in just over an hour.

Our appointment bookings have built in flexibility and PRE-BLOCKED appointment slots so that same day emergency patients can be attended to without inconveniencing our pre-booked patients.

Dental emergencies can happen out of the blue, and always at very inconvenient times. They are more likely to occur in people who are not regular attenders at the dentist, but also can happen unexpectedly in regular dental attenders who have heavily filled teeth.

We certainly don’t lecture those who have been neglectful of their oral health, but once the problem is stabilized, we do feel a duty to give advice and information on how to avoid a similar situation from happening again.

The Great Teeth Dental Care team

Dr Stan Litras Great Teeth Dental Care Wellington
General Dentist in Wellington

Dr Stan Litras is a male General Dentist  who speaks Greek (as well as English).

I grew up in Wellington, and have lived here most of my life, apart from studying in Dunedin and practising as a dentist in London for 4 years.

I have seen my city develop from a quiet, windy town of milk bars,...more...