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Dr Michael J Reardon

BDS (Otago), General Dentist

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Dr Michael J Reardon is a male General Dentist.

My name is Michael Reardon and I am the Clinical Director of the Oral Care Company.

It’s been a privilege to work and serve patients in this practice since 1991. I am very proud of the reputation we have for an excellent standard of patient care doing evidence based treatments. We (Kip Stanley Harris, Rebecca Quinlan and me) have helped many thousands of patients to have healthy pain free mouths doing dentistry that is both aesthetic and long-lasting.

I certainly enjoy the team environment of the practice and having a facility that is up to the minute and is a source of referrals both to and from the fantastic specialists we have working relationships with.

That does make me proud to have achieved that in some small way.

Over and above that we have a business that has Eco ethical and social responsibility both locally and globally.

As my colleague said to me... you can do well by doing good.

We would value your trust and look forward to listening to you and serving you well.