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Dental Hygiene Clinic is a Dentist in Auckland, with dentists including Dr Michael Reardon.

120 Remuera Road

Auckland 1050

(09) 520-0654

(09) 520-0789


To make an appointment at Dental Hygiene Clinic, please call (09) 520-0654

The Dental Hygiene Clinic team

Ms Grace Maguire Dental Hygiene Clinic Auckland

I am a professional dental hygienist passionate about dental health and committed to helping my patients achieve and maintain healthy smiles. Since graduating with a degree in oral health care I have worked in both Ne...more...

Dr Michael Reardon Dental Hygiene Clinic Auckland
General Dentist in Auckland

Dr Michael Reardon is a male General Dentist.

My name is Michael Reardon and I am the Clinical Director of the Oral Care Company.

It’s been a privilege to work and serve patients in this practice since 1991. I am very proud of the reputation we have for ...more...

Ms Mary Mowbray Dental Hygiene Clinic Auckland
Dental Hygienist in Auckland

Ms Mary Mowbray is a female Dental Hygienist.