Ms Suhaylah S Begg Lumino The Dentists - Three Kings Auckland

Ms Suhaylah S Begg

BHSc (Oral Health) (Auckland), Oral Health Therapist

Ms Suhaylah S Begg is a female Oral Health Therapist who speaks Hindi and Urdu (as well as English).

Suhaylah graduated from Auckland University of Technology in 2021 in Bachelor of Health Science in Oral Health. Dual Qualified as a Therapist and Hygienist.

Before joining Lumino Suhaylah worked at the DHB and Toothgroup family dentistry.

Suhaylah is passionate about providing the best oral health care to her patients. Suhaylah wants her patients, young or elderly, to enjoy every dental visit with her. Suhaylah loves providing oral health education to her patients and seeing them feel confident about their smiles.