Dr Suresh K Patel Metro Dental Care Auckland

Dr Suresh K Patel

BDS (Otago), MDSc (Syd), FRACDS, General Dentist

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Dr Suresh K Patel is a male General Dentist.

Dr Suresh Patel was born and educated in Wellington. He graduated from the Otago Dental School in Dunedin and completed a Diploma and Masters of Dental Science in Preventative Dentistry and Public Health Dentistry at the University of Sydney Dental School.

Dr Patel became a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons in 2000 in Australia. Dr Patel is a very active member of our community involved in many organisations and Dental organisations including the Auckland Dental Association, New Zealand Dental Association, FRACDS College, FDI, WHO, DPL Society, NZACD and others.