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Dr Natalie C Revell

BDS (Otago), General Dentist

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Dr Natalie C Revell is a female General Dentist.

Natalie Graduated from Otago University in 2009. She worked in Dunedin Hospital as a Maxillofacial house surgeon where she enjoyed the trauma and emergency aspect of dentistry. For the last 7 years she has worked in private practice providing a wide range of dental treatment. Natalie is commited to ongoing education and continuously attends and travels abroad to grow and learn new skills that she can bring into practice here at Contemporary Dental!

"I am passionate about dentistry and love meeting new people of all ages and backgrounds and building a long lasting relationships with my patients. Everyone has a different vision of what they want to achieve and I provide different treatment options to suit all budgets and plans in reaching a desired outcome.

I pride myself at puting nervious and anxious patients at ease and changing their outlook on todays dentistry.

While providing a full range of dental treatment, I have particular interests in endodontics, oral surgery and aesthetic/cosmetic dentistry ( including antiwrinkle and facial rejuvination and injections for TMJ pain)"