Dr James P Edwards Dental North Whangarei

Dr James P Edwards

BDS (Otago), General Dentist

Dr James P Edwards is a male General Dentist.

James is a Whangarei local, born and bred. Several generations of James’ family have lived in Whangarei. James was head boy at Whangarei Boy’s High school and his heart has always been in the north. He is delighted to be working in his hometown, with friends and family. He couldn’t imagine ever working anywhere other than Whangarei.

James studied to be a dentist at the University of Otago. He always wanted to return to the north and being a director at Dental North is a dream come true.

James is passionate about his role as a dentist. Patients frequently leave saying that they loved their experience with him and how he made them feel at ease. He is warm and friendly and will treat you as if you are his family or friend.