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Dr Colin S Wong

BDS (Otago), General Dentist

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Dr Colin S Wong is a male General Dentist.

Colin graduated from Otago University with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 1986. After working in various private practices in New Zealand, he purchased the present practice in 1993. A few years ago, Colin saw a few patients who were in their 80s and struggling to eat with their dentures. Eating is one of the enjoyments of life! Colin is passionate about trying to make sure that all his patients have teeth for life so they can enjoy their food. He regularly attends continuing education courses both in New Zealand and overseas. Colin enjoys using the latest technology and modern procedures to provide the best up to date care for his clients. Recently Colin has starting using a microscope with his procedures and this has greatly improved the outcome of treatments. Colin is a member of the NZ Dental Association, the NZ Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the NZ Institute of Minimal Intervention Dentistry and the NZ Endodontic Society. He has actively served on the Wellington branch of the NZ Dental Association and the NZ Periodontal Society.