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C&R Dental Care is a Dentist in Hamilton, with dentists including Dr Suzanne Tonkin, Dr Saud Ibrahim, Dr Basil Al-Amleh, Dr Mark Harris and Ms Malti Devi.

697c Wairere Drive

Hamilton 3210

(07) 856-4116


To make an appointment at C&R Dental Care, please call (07) 856-4116

The C&R Dental Care team

Dr Suzanne Tonkin C&R Dental Care Hamilton
General Dentist in Hamilton

Dr Suzanne Tonkin is a female General Dentist.

Suzanne attended Dunedin’s Otago University and graduated in 2003. She has been working exclusively in Hamilton City ever since.

Suzanne enjoys all aspects of general dentistry from cosmetic work through to t...more...

Dr Saud Ibrahim C&R Dental Care Hamilton
General Dentist in Hamilton

Dr Saud Ibrahim is a male General Dentist  who speaks Arabic (as well as English).

Graduating from the University of Baghdad in 1989, Saud went on to complete his Masters (Graduating with Distinction) in Prosthodontics in 1996. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Saud followed that by immigratin...more...

Dr Basil Al-Amleh C&R Dental Care Hamilton

Basil is a highly accomplished dental specialist with a strong academic background and extensive clinical experience. He graduated with his Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2001 and Clinical Doctorate in Prosthodontics i...more...

Ms Stephanie McDonald C&R Dental Care Hamilton
Dental Hygienist in Hamilton

Ms Stephanie McDonald is a female Dental Hygienist.

Steph graduated from the Otago University School of Dentistry in 2004.

Steph is passionate about preventative dentistry and assisting patients with achieving their oral health goals. She is particularly empathi...more...

Dr Mark Harris C&R Dental Care Hamilton
General Dentist in Hamilton

Dr Mark Harris is a male General Dentist.

Born and raised here in Hamilton, Mark was eager to join the Chartwell & Rototuna Dental Care team. Having an interest in dental holistic/biological health, Mark shares our values of care to provide the kind of dental...more...

Ms Malti Devi C&R Dental Care Hamilton

Ms Malti Devi is a female Oral Health Therapist.

Malti's values align with C&R Dental Care’s and is reflected in the relationships she builds with patients. She loves helping our patients gain the most out of their gum-health and dental homecare.